San Miguel Literary Sala and/or San Miguel Writers' Conference

Thank you for exploring the opportunity to volunteer with us.

We have a variety of opportunities for volunteers, and we are committed to creating a fun and professional environment. (Not an oxymoron!!)

To that end, all of our Conference volunteer positions require a FULL-TIME COMMITMENT for each day of the Conference as well as for attending training and orientation sessions prior to the event. Please carefully consider your calendar before submitting an application to participate with us. The 2018 Conference dates are February 14–18, with training for volunteers scheduled in the two weeks prior to the conference opening.

Questions? Please email Tina Bueche at

IMPORTANT: After you fill out the form, please verify your subscription via the email message that will be sent to your email address.

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Please tell us your general schedule of availability here in San Miguel (i.e.mornings, afternoons, evenings, nighttime). NOTE: All Conference volunteer positions require a great deal of availability and flexibility before and during the Conference.
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